crossplay vs cross save

I've heard there was going to be crossplay between xbox and PC, but my question is, will my xbox character from beta be usable on PC?

They announced you can use your character on Xbox and PC.

Thats how it works on JP so i assume it will be the same for the NA servers.

The way it will work is that you have a single account, your microsoft account. Wherever you log on with that account you'll have the same character, items, progress, everything. The console or platform doesn't matter at all, the guy right next too you could be on an xbox while you're on a PC and you'd never know.

@Azuraerun partially true(about not being able to tell what others were on), assuming they leave it like the japanese system. in japan, you had a large number of cross platform servers, and a small set of servers dedicated towards specific platforms. not ships mind you, the servers / matchmaking lobbies inside. so you'd have say 5 servers dedicated to individual platforms like xbox, playstation etc, and say 20 dedicated to cross platform.

i couldnt read peoples tags in the japanese servers so im unsure of whether or not they were actually marked as from specific platforms or not, but if you wanted to be a purist that option was indeed available and you could know with certainty (outside hackers maybe) that everyone you were playing with was using the same console as you

with that said, if you can access your characters from anything i suppose i'll boot up my xbox after all and try to get into the next beta test even if its locked to xbox again.