Hi Guys, I keep reading reports of current problems and how to deal with them if you want to play on the PC. I now describe how it worked for me and various other people with the original launcher.

Please clean the entire PC of what's on PSO2 on it.

Then please restart your Windows once.

Then make sure that your Windows is also set from United States.

Then download the PSO Launcher from the Windows Store. Let him work.

Then start everything until the first error message.

Then go to the new Windows Settings, then Apps, then PSO and Advanced. Then on the next page a little further down there is the repair function. Please use them and be patient. It can take 1-2 hours or be finished in 20 minutes. Just let the PC work in peace until the Windows loading bar (clock) has stopped rotating.

Then start the launcher and it will download something again.


After that we can still play smoothly today!

Try it and report whether it worked for you too!