Crash to Desktop when entering Dark Falz Luther on Very Hard/Super Hard

Can enter without crash on extreme.

Any1 else got a fix or workaround?

I think it crashes for me too with all difficulty, so how do I even gonna clear Story mode or the Luther Boss UQ too =-=

same here, rather anoying to be honest, trying to get through the story before the event finishes

don't know if this will help for anyone else, but the solution for me was to repair my instillation of PSO2, a small number of files were apparently borked, after they were redownloaded everything worked fine

i did the file check and repair... and i still crash on Luther urgent quests. Apples Doritos is fine. but when time comes for luther, jumpting into the gate sends me back to the desktop still.

I have no words to describe what I feel...