When I was brought into pso2 I was so clueless to this game. 2 friends got me to play it so we could have fun within it together. They helped me level up to around 40 (close to their level) and then brought me into chaotic border break. Don't worry if you don't know what that is. It was an lq in JP that people did for exp. Mostly all ep1 based.

And you'd have [Persona] running around one shotting unprepared people with sonic arrow like I was back then. I still remember how hard it used to be to fight him without getting hit too hard due to the mass amount of light techs just covering the body and pretty much not only delaying but hiding anything it was doing from within.

But anyway it was me and my two friends back in the day just running around having fun and mostly using the area to chat. I was pretty weak so I was really trying to play it safe and one of the things I did was jump on a car so I wouldn't be hit so easily. One of my friends who was a hunter at the time saw a chance so she whipped out her wired lances and smacked the car a few times on purpose, then just watched as it blew me up and killed me. I was a bit salty she done that but it was all in good laughs.

And then for my first eq, very early JP vets would remember this one. Where you have to reach area 2 and then get hunar to spawn. Sometimes it fails for people because you have to hit that one pixel that'd cause his spawn and if you don't sometimes it could happen that you have a full map with Hunar nowhere in site. But I was there with that friend who murdered me and we managed to locate hunar and my first reaction was to shoot him because I had no idea what he was at the time. Then I rolled away right into a funji. Got warped to the otherside of the map. So given what happen you'd think the friend would take over right?

Wrong. ;-; She allowed Hunar to stay locked onto me, so what happened was she watched him walk all the way across the map to my location. She warned me he was still coming for me, but I didn't believe her. Even if I did, he seemed kind of slow and I was positive it'd be out before anything crazy happens. I was so wrong. Halfway done with the funji then Hunar just drop kicks his way in. No i frame abilities, not fast movements, and a roll that was so painful to do if you were new to the game.. Yeah it did not look good for me. I was like a cat trying to escape a giant human made of nothing but water. lol

She eventually helped me out after laughing a bit at my bad luck and we proceeded to take him down. With my face as the decoy as my friend used a turret.

The last fun memory I had from back then was when another friend came along. He wanted to be our hero that rushed in and faced all the scary monsters head on in battle and take all the aggro. He attempted this as braver. One day on the last days of border break, he decided he wanted to solo [Persona] so me and the other friend got ontop of a phone booth to watch him from above. If this was DBZBT 3, [Persona] would be Vegeta hitting that guy with the spirit breaking cannon as a finishing move every round. Because he most of smacked that floor like 10 times. He was so embarrassed when he finally did beat him. Though personally at that time he had nothing to be embarrassed about in my view during those times. If I was down there trying to solo, it would only need 2 normal swings to take me out or a single sonic arrow. I was just as bad as he was. ^^

It took me a long time before I got the hang of pso2. It wouldn't be until chaotic capital days (the one that would spawn vibrace to Quna's singing) that I would finally be able to stand on my own feet without needing to rely on others.

Those are just some fond memories I wanted to share. Hopefully bring some smiles to the forum. If any of you have memories you want to share as well, I'd love to hear it. Well read it. lol