Hi seasonal Bouncers,

I'm new and still learning about the fundamentals of Bouncer.

I'm wondering which should I utilize more: the auto chain or the auto weapon action?

From my personal experience, here are the pros of each:

Auto Attach Chain:

Better DPS. The second attack is the highest dps and has thehighest PP gain.

Shorter to execute so better for burst situation.

Attach Weapon Action:

Better PP regain. So you can spam PA more often.

Perma JA window, so it is easier to chain into other PAs. But I guess with enough practice, you can do the same with the auto chain.

Easier to maintain aptitude. Thou, similar to the previous point, with enough practice, I think you can stay in the air pretty much permanently with the auto chain

Between the two, I think the dps different is not too high. Should I feel bad for using the auto weapon action because it is easier to use but not as optimal? Or the PP gain can offset the lower DPS? Also do we have i-frame through out the auto weapon action - never get to test it properly.....? Right now what I do a lot in low PP situation is PA(usually Grand Wave coz it is what I spam the most for single target damage) into the second auto attack (coz it's the strongest...) into a auto weapon action. Should I just use Grand Wave into a regular auto chain instead?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance guys.