"Server Aggregation"

The patch notes say:

Please note this issue will be resolved upon the next server aggregation.

Did they just confirm they were going to crunch ships together? Is there word on this anywhere else?

Not that I've seen either someone dropped the ball and let info slip or someone dropped the ball and misworded that. Either way someone dropped the ball.

Didn't they recently add blocks?... when Ship 2 was down for like 6 hours. I noticed that Servers 4 and 6 were still in maintenance but 5 was offline. Wonder if they're "combining" those servers with the current ones. Idk anything about servers tbh, but speculating is fun.

@Hownztooth that they did do at PC launch there was only 100 blocks per ship now there like 170 or something.

Honestly I'm hoping they cram the three ships into a single ship now. Sucks when your friends play on different ships.

Just have one ship with 3 sets of 100 blocks (so 100 blocks per "server" to keep things spread out as they are now). No reason to keep them split anymore.

@Dri4974 I'd be for this. ESO mega server system is why I love that game so much. Not having to worry about community being split or your server suddenly dying is a great thing. But I will say something like that isn't easy to maintain stability for it also why ESO is pledged with server stability issues.

@Dri4974 Doesn't work like that.

The blocks aren't separate servers.

They are there to purely reduce loads on computer from loading other players.

@SleeprunnerInc Which isn't needed anymore since they fixed that issue. And the game is 10 years old, hardware has made leaps since then.

I'd be curious to know what else they could possibly mean by "server aggregation" though.

@Dri4974 Could be anything


Addressing an issue in which the average price of a Pet Egg is displayed as “0” Meseta in the Player’s Shop “Top Sellers” menu; Please note this issue will be resolved upon the next server aggregation

This seems too low-key to be anything dramatic like ship merges, and if the current good level of activity (peaking at around 55-60 full blocks' worth of players each day) warrants ship merging anytime soon then Ship 3 wouldn't have been opened in the first place back in March.

Probably it means something simpler, like the daily refresh around 01:00 PDT or simply the next maintenance on June 24th.