Fix error 630

i got this error 3 times in 10 minutes durina quna concert and i would life a fix i am on xbox fyi

what isp are you on?

Im with Spectrum and its almost the same for me. Also if I AFK more than 1-2 minutes I will probably get error 630.

Log into your Spectrum Internet account and go to Experiencing Issues tab and restart your modem and give it a refresh. Restart your router too while your modem is resetting. If the issue is still happening, I'd go on their reddit support page and let them know that this is happening with this particular game.

I'm wondering if this issue is related to peer to peer and the client is desyncing which is causing the error 630 for a lot of people.

@Amari-Kigu Out in the fields with quests and stuff is peer-to-peer. If one person in the area has a problem, it can cause all others to be disconnected, as well, due to their unstable internet connection. In the lobbies, those are all handled server side, though, in their entirety. It is one of the drawbacks of having most of the game assets client-side.