Unbind Controller Buttons?

Like the title says, is there a way to remove a key/button binding entirely in controls? I have lock-on set to left trigger, and I want left trigger to do nothing, and for nothing to activate the controller lock-on function. Detailed explanation below if you're curious on why.

I am trying to develop a set of controller configurations (using JoyToKey) that will allow me to map all of the critical functions that controllers are missing. As part of this, I am trying to set up a virtual joystick switch when I pull the right trigger (think of the shift function for your action palette, except also for the dpad and bumpers/triggers).

As part of this, I need PSO2 to stop listening to my controller inputs for certain buttons, and only listen to the keyboard inputs. I do still want other functions like the sticks to work like normal, so I don't want the game to ignore my controller entirely.

As a specific example, lock-on is Q on keyboard, and left trigger right now for me. I set JoyToKey to output a "Q" when I press left trigger so the game knows that I am using lock-on, and I want the game to ignore my left trigger press entirely. Then when I hold right trigger, JoyToKey shifts to the virtual joystick. Now when I press left trigger, JoyToKey outputs B instead which activates my currently selected sub-palette option. This lets me output only lock-on, or only sub-palette activation. Currently the game will always see my left trigger so whenever I activate my sub-palette, I also trigger my lock-on. Additional functions would be to output F keys to send chat shortcuts to swap sub-palettes, or to bind a specific shift button for weapon actions.

I have actually done this with JoyToKey as well on the JPN version. All you need to do is go into the Controller Settings in the in-game Options, and go through each function, hitting the exact same button to remove them (ie. press X for whatever action is bound to X, etc.). You have to do this individually for Standard View, OTS, and Window.

alt text

I can't believe I didn't try pressing the same button. Didn't even occur to me that that would be what would do it. Huge thanks. I'm very excited to play around with this.