Tickets are not being answered at all, what a customer service.

@SonoVulpin wow that's really sad. guess what i will look for another game.

@ShouHayasi like I said in my earlier post, if you did not receive an email saying your ticket has been received then you have the wrong e-mail account.

@John-Paul-RAGE nope, i.checked.everything. if you receive an autogenerated mail from pso2 on your mail? then you know that you are using the right email. it is as simple as that.

@ShouHayasi the email goes to whatever your email is that you sign into the forums with under the "xbox" option.

Even if you changed it for the support section, it still goes to that email. Which for me was sadly an aol mailbox that took a very long time to figure out how to get in to again.