Tickets are not being answered at all, what a customer service.

The game is still perfect in every aspect though it was originally launched in Japan in 2012. The only downside of this game? yea it's on the game developers who are not working their asses off. I had submitted my ticket regarding the in game currency for not receiving it at all. There were two freaking tickets that I submitted simultaneously but SURPRISINGLY, yes SURPRISINGLY NOOOOOOOOOONE!!! OF THOSE GOT! ANSWERED!(it's been more than a week.) Is this a freaking joke? I've never seen a company with such a bad customer management. I am pretty sure they have good workers and flawless services over there in Japan. The game goes well for 8 years, UNTIL SEGA decides to launch the game in NA and have THE LAZY AMERICANS butcher the whole game over.

Do NOT mess this UP, american game devs. START WORKING and START ANSWERING.

@ShouHayasi Just going to say, sorry you feel this way. There has been a heavy volume of tickets, and they will eventually get back to you on it. It will definitely take longer than normal but be sure they will get back to you, you just have to be patient.

They are getting swamped with tickets.

It takes ages for them to answer them all and some people likely posted multiple, if not hundreds of tickets, some of which are completely 100 word long essays etc.

welp in that case, i hope for the best.

@ShouHayasi Either they don't have the man power to answer the tickets or they don't have the answers to answer that ticket either way it a frustrating thing to deal with.

I blame the psycho's spamming them with tickets due to their rage, some of them wake up just to send one in its sad.

@Lwyu That happens with every company sadly and it is annoying and sad to see. But thankfully ticket like that are fairly easy to dismiss as long as it just the costumer spewing insults non stop without posting their actual issue.

It's 2020, most businesses are really slow right now. A lot of American's are working from home or quarantined because of the Covid-19 outbreak. There's a lack of service and/or understaffed jobs currently.

Self entitlement right here. While i do understand the frustration you have to take into consideration 3 main reasons as to why it's taking this long.

  1. Everybody else is sending in tickets, not just you.
  2. Covid-19
  3. Riots

Covid-19 is basically the same reason as to why some anime seasons or other games are being pushed back and delayed.

There is an easy way for them to fix this entire mess.

Step 1: File Breach of Contract against Microsoft for failure to deliver. Step 2: Offer a Stand Alone installer.

This will fix 99% of the problem. Yes, there is the Tweaker...but after getting my OS fragged after updating the Tweaker and running the file check (Modern while in Developer Mode) I'm afraid to use it again. Heck I started noticing issues with my OS Registry once PSO2 from the MS Store broke itself. As of right now, there is something horribly wrong with this game and that fault lies entirely with the incompetence of the Microsoft monopoly.

@Wolf-Moonstar I won't deny what you stated here is fail. But it hardly relates to the discussion at hand with them being slow to answering tickets.

Man, OP. I'm glad you did acknowledge what others said.

But holy cow that OP makes you sound so much entitled. Relax Karen next time when you type a post.

@ShouHayasi did you get an e-mail stating you submitted a ticket?

If not then they are going to a different e-mail address.

@ERICK001BC are you sure the game devs are going to get back to me? it's been 2 weeks now without an answer. I am pretty sure they are not working as they should be, rather than being overloaded with tickets. I bet they are just picking one out of 10 tickets randomly and randomly answering them. The america server has no vision at this rate. and I mean, I read number of issues regarding users with their missing AC packages, only the partials being arrived. Such is a shitty game management.

@ShouHayasi My experience with sending tickets that are never answered is sadly to start sending a new ticket to them once a week with the original ticket # in it. It definitely an annoying thing to do and some may find it being ignorant but I've also had times were I made a ticket and it never got answered for months which is a bit ridiculous to have to wait that long for a ticket to be answered.

I would suggest when you do make a ticket to remind them to look at your old ticket don't take an aggressive tone with your wording. Because no one wants to reply back to someone just spewing insults and that are clearly in an aggravated mood even if there is an issue the costumer needs to be solved.