Ship3 - looking for friends..

I started playing this game with some people I know irl. We are all relatively new. We are in an alliance together. Thing is, I rarely get to see them because of work, so I'm trying to find friends to play with normally. I've been to the discord server, where I was trolled and told that low levels don't get friends because everyone is high leveled and only care about endgame raiding and fashion (then got told to screw off. neato!) Also posted on the subreddit, but my post got removed because it wasn't in the pinned social thread (which was missing at the time). I've tried going to populated blocks and chatting, but nobody responds. People I meet in missions ignore me, even if we're partied, even when I whisper. It's a really sorry state of affairs...

If anyone wants to be friends, please respond. I'm so tired of playing solo.

Martin/Arya#7066 add me 🙂

Add Me Bloody, I'm in a similar state as only 2 of my friends are on at a time.

Matt / Baelzebub#8695

Sorry for the delay. I've added you both

Guys, I am new. Please read my post 😞

@BloodyFingers23 Wasn't my intention to mislead you or to imply I was going to carry you, more or less you said you were new, needed people to play with because members of the community were not welcoming to you. All my friends are currently new, no level 70's on them. As I told you I no life'd it within a weeks time or so. I'm sorry for the misunderstanding but I don't see it as an issue when I have three character slots, and I have other classes that are lower. I could just get on one of those and that still helps because this game is one of those games that alts are highly viable for various reasons such as making money and dailies. I guess I misinterpreted what you were looking for and thought you wanted people to play with in general. My bad.