Braver: Raising Pursuit/Mysterious Strike V2.0

Warning these skill tree's and builds are focused towards level 90+ content. So for now they will only be viable to a point. Many of the tree's can still be used at 75+ content by not using the flat point boost skills in the tree's. You have been warned! If you aren't the type that likes reading walls of text then you can scroll down to the link to just get the tree. Though I do recommend reading at least a bit.

Not that many build's or anything posted here yet but this is my plan for my late game Katana Braver. I'm a very long time Force main on JP so if anyone has anything to add or wants to know what my thoughts are and why I made the tree's the way I did feel free to say. The tree covers all my planned Sub Classes so feel free to look through them. The only Sub class I would create an extra variant for is the Fighter Sub Class. There are multiple variants but the one I'm choosing to use is less risky.

When putting points into skills tree's I recommend filling them out completely until they are full then moving on to the next.

Braver Point Distribution
Katana Focus Tree > Enhanced Attack > Quick Mate > Average Stance > Katana Combat > Precision Stance > Perfect Recover Heal > Flat Point distribution till 80 (Saving 5 points) > High Level Braver > Flat Point distribution.

Braver/Hunter: Raising Pursuit
One of the safest choices to make. A great mix of damage and survivability. Easy learning curve and very new player friendly. All the damage coming from this Sub Class is simple Perfect Attacks and Fury Stance. Not much else to say about it.
Point Distribution
Automate Half > Hunter Physique > Perfect Attack Bonus 1 & 2 > Fury Stance Tree (Critical is not needed to get 100% crit, If you are not feeling safe about achieving 100% crit then take 5 points off of MEL Power 2 and put them in Fury Crit ) > Flat Stat points (Saving 5 points till 80) > High Level Hunter > Complete Flat Stat points.

You can do Mysterious Strike with Hunter by adding Fury Crit but will make it harder to achieve 100% crit.

Braver/Fighter: Mysterious Strike
This is a safer variant that I will be using. The high risk high reward version uses the HP 50% and HP 25% skills. If you wish to do that variation just remove the 20 points in MEL power and Stance Critical's (As long as you aren't going for Mysterious Strike in the build you can go without the crit stances and still get 100% crit) distribute them however you feel you can handle as a high risk high reward sub class. Although not very new player friendly as a sub class the Braver has an excelent way to proc and keep the Chaser Tree. The Photon Art is a 100% stun for as long as the enemy can be stunned.
Point Distribution
Chaser Damage > Chaser Extra Damage > Tech Arts Perfect Attack Tree > Valiant Stance Tree > Chaser Bind > Wise Stance Tree > Spend the rest how you see fit Save 5 points till 80 for High Level Fighter > Flat Stat Points

Now then I'm sure there are those who want to know a priority for the riskier tree. That would be up to you honestly. If you feel you can play saftely with 25% Health skill then go for that. If you feel 50% is safer and more in your playstyle then choose that one first. Either way you should go into those after maxing Valiant Stance then just follow on from there.

Braver/Bouncer: Raising Pursuit
Bouncer Sub Class is mainly about utility and is more focused towards not only your damage and benefits but as a team perspective. Field and Stance management is high so using this sub class will require patience and positioning. Overall not the greatest sub class out there but is not bad either. It's the only sub class I could think of that would both provide support and utility while keeping a modertly high damage output. Once again this is not recommended for new players.
Point Distribution
Fields > Shifta > Break Stance > Deband > Heal Sharing > Element Stance > Save 5 points and put the rest how you see fit.

Braver/Summoner: Raising Pursuit
Yes summoner is a viable sub class. It's a survivability sub class. While not offering much past Summoners Mark for damage increase. The flat point increase for both offense and defense are very nice. This is another new player friendly sub class, that will allow you to constantly regen your health while you cut everything to pieces. The only other class currently in NA that can provide better tank standards is Hunter. I decided to go for hunter being a damaging sub class over tank. Since I did that I needed at least 1 class to provide that needed tanky katana playstyle.
Point Distribution
All attack bonus 1 & 2 > Summoner's Mark > Enhanced Mark > HP Restorate > Unstoppable Recovery > Save 5 points then distribute however you see fit.

Now for the classes that aren't in game yet but still went ahead and made the plans.

Braver/Phantom: Mysterious Strike
This build will require the minimum of 230 PP for 96% Crit. One of the best parts about Phantom sub class is that everything the Braver can use is already in the Phantom Tree. For example Side Step is at 4 in Phantom tree so there is no need to put any points into it on the Braver tree. For a Scion sub class the priority will go into getting the attack skills and PP restoration skills early.
Point Distribution
All Attack Bonus > Full Drive > Phantom PP Restorate > Photon Stream Tree > PP High UP > Tech Short Charge > The rest you can fill in as you see fit since everything else is Main Class only.

Just remember to save 5 points for High Level Phantom.

Braver/Etoile: Mysterious Strike
The real tank subclass the damage reduction you take with Etoile is just so massive that there isn't anything better. Another thing to keep in mind with this build is if you don't want to do a Mysterious Strike build you can then remove Just Attack Critical and still achieve 100% crit. If you do forgo Mysterious Strike for Raising Pursuit you will have 10 points to put into whatever you want.
Point Distribution
Standing Massive > Damage Balancer > Etoile Boost > All Attack Bonus > Flat Attack Boost > Etoile PA Bonus > Tech Arts Count Bonus > PA critical > Save 5 points and fill in the rest how you want.

~~~~~~~~ Braver Main Skill Tree with all sub classes ~~~~~~~~


I have been messaged multiple times for this and decided I will share my ring choices and give a brief explanation for their uses on Braver Mains.

Main Rings
L/Katana C. Count Up: At Lv. 20, this ring causes each hit to add 60 Power. With this effect, you only need 25 hits instead of 50 to reach 1800 power. This Ring should be grinded to give you +20 S-ATK at Lv. 20. This ring is the most recommended I can possibly think of and the usefulness speaks for itself.
R/C Strike Striking: This ring increases your critical hit rate and also increases the power of critical hits. At Lv. 20, it increases Critical Rate by 20% while increasing Critical Damage by 3%. Along side skill tree buffs and Focus Release you get 100% Critical Rate. This makes this ring very valuable in keeping damage at it's maximum value at all times.
Secondary Rings
L/Jumping Dodge: Gives you a brief window of invulnerability while launching you into the air when triggered. Cannot be used in midair. At Lv. 20 and 5 second cooldown between uses. Useful with jumping power enchancement.
L/Atomizer Lovers: When using an Atomizer item, your usage speed increases by 200% and you become invincible for the duration of the usage animation. Amount healed also increases based on level: 101% at Lv.1, up to 160% at Lv. 20. This one can be switched out for Mate Lovers ring but I recommend Atomizers myself.
L/Katana G. Guard Release: If you have a fully maxed out Focus Gauge, you can hold the Guard weapon action for 3 seconds to force a Focus Release. The ring also influences the amount of gear you earn while Released. At Lv. 1, you earn only 10% of usual gear when released, making it useless at maintaining your Focus Release. At Lv. 10, you earn 100% of normal gear. Beyond Lv. 10, you earn 1% more gear when released, up to 110% at Lv. 20. This is one of the rings that starts out rather bad over some choices but in the end turns out to be a high end pick for Braver Mains. Having a constant aid to Focus Gauge helps maintain your damage.

These rings are more of an optional embedding choices. I will be using them to Embed my 12* Units.

For those who are curious about the CO SP in the tree's that means Client Order Skill Points. I've already created a small guide on it for new players and it can be found here.

Good luck to all you future Braver mains and hope you have fun. I know I will.

Thanks 5char

Change Log 2.0:

  • Guide has been updated in both appearance and information.
  • Ring Category added

I probably won't be adding anything more to this guide. I don't want to get rid of the experience of discovery for others. So I won't be mentioning anything about my Weapon Choices, Unit Choices, Frame Data information, or Damage Rotations. You can either go and look for the information yourself or spend the time to learn and do it yourself.

This is beautiful I'm definitely going to check this out when I reach 90

@The-Question When it comes to a Mag Should we be maxing S-atk or DeX? Or both?

@SamuraiCrazy said in Braver: Raising Pursuit/Mysterious Strike V2.0:

@The-Question When it comes to a Mag Should we be maxing S-atk or DeX? Or both?

This is for a Braver main, So DEX Mag is what you want to max. The only reason to do MEL with Braver is if you think you will switch your main to another class on the current character.

@The-Question ok thanks. was hearing the opposite in a fb group.

@SamuraiCrazy said in Braver: Raising Pursuit/Mysterious Strike V2.0:

@The-Question ok thanks. was hearing the opposite in a fb group.

DEX pays off better for the Braver since one of the best sub classes to run on a Braver is Phantom. DEX will give you 400 MEL, 400 RNG, and 200 TEC. That sounds a lot better then just a flat 200 MEL. Braver with 200 DEX will always get 200 MEL and 200 RNG.