My hope for the future of "Fresh finds"

Currently the "Fresh finds" feature is used to introduce cosmetic options that are not tied to the AC Scratch theme e.g Military, Sega characters, etc; It functions like the NPC that is on the JP server with the addition of cosmetics.

As many know the fresh finds list is largely priced extremely high for costumes that have been in the game for over 4-6 years+ with prices reaching as high as 40$ (So far). The greed is truly gross as its exploiting the good faith of many PSO2 fans (who do not experience such price gouging on the JP server) & fans of the PSU/PSO game who waited patiently for this game to finally head to the west so they too can enjoy it.

My hope for "Fresh finds" is for it to start releasing if possible cosmetics that are only available on JP right now; these cosmetics are new voices & anime collaboration cosmetics. Both of these are extremely difficult to do due to license restrictions or even expired licenses but maybe Sega JP could assist with that issue. Lastly I would love if PSO2 NA can start reasonably pricing the cosmetics that have been in the game for nearly a decade (10 years), it's a very bad look especially with the recent ethan costume "sale" that according to a people who bought it, they didn't even receive all of the color variants that are already on the JP version like Snow, shadow, and blue.

Summarized i.e TLDR: I want fresh finds to start introducing anime collaboration cosmetics & voice tickets from JP; I also want their to be more fairer prices for cosmetics as plenty of them have been in the game for nearly 6 years.

The collabs, as you yourself accepted, may be nigh impossible due to what you already said. I don't know really why, but this happens in pretty much every game that has a collab.... They usually happen only ONCE in the game's lifetime, unless it's with media owned by the same company (in this case's example, Virtua Fighter and Yakuza and the other franchises).

As for pricing, since the stuff is being sold for SG and not AC, I think they went high with the price for the sole fact that SG can be obtained by playing the game.

On the other hand, I'm not against any collabs nor any price drops. The more items and the cheaper they are, the better. I'm still wishing for a King of Fighters collab since SNK seems to want their characters slapped just about everywhere.

Since PSO2 is made available free to play I could justify a payment for a in-game item that is expensive on occasion since it's towards something cool for my character. However I'm not opposed to spending less than $25 on costume packs if given the option.

Some of it is a bit pricey but it goes towards supporting an awesome series.

@Redex I'd rather have a Package of cosmetics being 10 bucks tops, a singular one piece of cosmetic should NOT cost over 1 buck at tops.

Not only would it be better that way for the business, it would also benefit them in the long run in the form of repeat purchases and more purchases in time.

It's a great way to introduce a lot of fashion that we otherwise wouldn't get unless they made a new scratch every week for a long time and I'm glad you can use SG for it since you get a bunch for just playing the game.

400 per outfit is kinda extreme but JP has SG scratch and i prefer just to pick and choose what i want.

My only problem with fresh find is the stuff being locked from selling .

Why they made a fresh find shop didn't really made sense to me. On top of the issue of not being able to preview the costumes like how you can with the original NPC shop would've made things much more better. Convenient accessibility is one thing but it's not needed when it comes to something as limited as SG.

I miss Shirona. 😔

The only items I buy from Fresh Finds are the badges for meseta. Much of the rest feels extremely badly price-pointed, and this applies to the occasional SG Shop offers as well.

That Emilia Replica Set for instance is 520 SG now. I understand that's one outerwear and one hairstyle for the price of 5.2 seasons of Mission Pass Gold Tickets (when you factor in the SG you get back from gold tiers) and with each season seeming to give two full outfits sets per combination of male/female and cast/other, plus dozens of other boosters and items even in the same tier as all those outfits.

So... approximately 10 outfit sets for one combination or 42 outfits sets total, and a metric ton of consumables, or... one red dress set and that's it. It's... not really a choice, is it? It almost feels like they're sacrificing some content to Fresh Finds entirely to make the Gold Ticket feel like even better value than it is. And if so, Sega, you really don't need to do that! We already think it's good value!

It's funny to think, many of us who are aware of JP content and want certain items from of it are probably all thinking the same thing right now: "Please please PLEASE don't be sold on Fresh Finds or in an SG sale on our server." They are that badly out of scale with all the other forms of monetisation.

Is it really so hard to believe that if they cut the price of sets in half, they'd sell at least three times as many? It doesn't feel like they've ever tried to find that out, at least not since PC launch.