I do not own the guide for this or anything about it. Just posting it so others can look at it and learn from it hopefully, cuz it sucks when I cant even clear it because no ones attacking the correct parts of him and we end up failing from time out or people leaving or rage quitting. If you like you can go directly to the site for this guide, has pictures to go with it: https://flamii.wordpress.com/dark-falz-loser/


Loser is my favorite boss in this game! Even though he’s an old boss, he has a lot of interesting attacks and layers without being overly annoying insert death stare at Double. With a proper strategy, this fight will be over in about 3 minutes or less, but you know how random parties always end up. I will be talking mainly about XH Loser so some attacks might not come up in lower difficulties.


There’s a picture of Loser. Any part you hit that isn’t one of the circled ones will do reduced damage. Here’s how I’ll be referring to the parts:

  1. Wrist: The wrists have guards on them. These are the first things you hit.

  2. Arm: After the a wrist guard is broken, an arm is opened up. Break both of these.

  3. Clock: Inflict MIRAGE to open up the clock. You have to break the clock afterwards to keep it open as a weak point. In XH, THE WEAKPOINT WILL BE INVINCIBLE until the arms are broken. You think the streams of “100” damage and metal sounds will help people realize this o_o (forgot to note here the bolded word mirage, the NA equivalent of this is BLIND for those that didnt play the jp version)

  4. Beak: Break this to temporarily stun Loser and open up a core right behind it.

  5. Head: A permanent weak point if you can get your attacks up there.

  6. Jewels: These are breakable after he does his 4 swords attack. They each add an elemental effect to his attacks that go away if you break them.

PHASE 1 Loser will ALWAYS start out with a stab, slash, and then 3 stabs. Run to the left to avoid this. The main goal for this phase is to break the wrists and then the arms. Don’t bother trying to open up the clock yet.

Notable Attacks

Red Balls: Loser will spit out several balls. To dodge these, run in circles or dash through them. Usually each person will have two balls following them.

Darts: Loser marks you and then throws down two sets of darts. Wait until Loser starts moving his arms and then dodge or keep running. These come out a lot faster in XH.

PHASE 2 Most of the fight after the first phase will be similar to this one. From this point on, Loser will swap between his red mode, blue mode, and phase 1 mode.

I call this red mode because everything is red (go figure?). Loser will do a variation of fast attacks. Pretty much all of them will show the place it will hit on the floor so you will be fine as long as you watch the ground where you are standing. For his wide swipes, you can actually dodge them by jumping at the right time with some practice. It is almost impossible to effectively hit him. The most annoying part is that he makes Banish Arrow and Volgraptor marks go poof when he teleports. Try to stay alive and focus on inflicting mirage or breaking the wrist guards.

Notable Attacks

Side Swipes: Loser will swipe the sides of the map twice. SH and lower he will swipe once. He uses this A LOT. Just stay in the middle.

Ground Stab: Loser will teleport around and stab the ground repeatedly. The last stab will cause shock waves that curve outwards. This WILL kill you unless you are some super tank. Keep running and if you see a little circle under you when you aren’t running fast enough, dodge.

Aaaand I call this blue mode. Take a guess why. All his attacks are slower but they hit a lot harder. You have the most chances to hit him during this time so make use of it before he goes back into red.

Notable Attacks

Ground Stab: Like the red mode one except he stabs once and shockwave circles go outwards. Try to outrun this. If you can’t, dodge towards the center of the shockwaves. The circles pulse out so there is a safe spot in the middle if you can dodge past the outer pulses.

Overhead Swing: Loser swings downwards and causes shockwaves to pop out at intervals away from him. This stuns and kills most ranged classes. To dodge the shockwaves, stay at the edge of the previous one and then dodge into it after the pulse comes up.

Spin: Loser will go into the middle and put his swords across the arena. That’s your signal to stop attacking and starting running counterclockwise. If the blades catch up to you, switch to a Tech weapon and that dodge to go over the blade.

Red Discs: I’ve seen this wipe out half an MPA before. Loser will swipe across the sides and send out four discs that track a player. If these are coming at you, just run. It’s not worth trying to see if you survive or get that one last hit in. Look at all those red shiny death circles =O


Phase 3 is when Loser teleports into the background and sends out four swords. The swords will stun everyone and you have a few seconds to attack the white part to break the sword. If you don’t the sword will kill everyone in that quarter of the arena. You CAN break out of the stun by button mashing (surprisingly a lot of people don’t know this). You can also dodge the stun itself. I like watching the circle pulsing out from the sword to time myself and dodge with a Tech weapon for this.

Phase 3 Loser is just like Phase 2 except this time the jewels will become breakable. Most of the elemental effects are shown on the ground so if something on the floor looks dangerous, go away from it. I recommend you break the jewel just to the right of his beak (from the view looking right at him). This is the fire effect one and causes the most trouble for MPAs. The biggest thing to watch out for is red mode side swipes will leave a fire trail and blue mode discs leave fire trails. Blue mode spin will leave little cyclones now, so don’t stay run too close behind a sword.

PHASE 4 Phase 4 starts when Loser does his four sword attack again. This time he’ll do two sets of swords instead. The rest is just like Phase 3, except there will be a new mode where Loser ducks his body under the stage and leave only his top part open. This is a great chance for melee characters to hit his beak and jewels. His attacks are kind of like the one he used in phase 1. One thing to watch out for is his black hole attack. To dodge this one, stop attacking and keep running away. The second you notice the suction strength change, dodge to avoid the explosion. Your goal is to break the jewels and the beak so that you unveil a core beneath his beak you can easily hit.

STRATEGY You will need at least 1 Ranger and 1 Techer. DO NOT HIT THE CLOCK YET! The first goal is to break the arms without damaging Loser too much or else he will go into phase 2 red mode. Aim for a wrist guard. Breaking a wrist guard will unveil some arm tendons to break. Breaking an arm will stun him. DO NOT HIT HIM WHILE HE IS STUNNED. Wait for him to come back up so that he won’t go into phase 2 before you finish the other arm.

Go do this for both arms. After both arms are broken, he will go into phase 2 red mode. This is your chance to inflict mirage on the clock with mirage weapons or wind Techs.

Loser will stop teleporting and the clock will open up. Break this to keep it open. If you don’t manage to break it in 3 tries, it will be near impossible to inflict mirage again. After breaking this he will go into phase 3 blue mode. Unload everything on the clock and he will go into phase 4. Unload everything on the clock again and he’s dead in 3 minutes. Good job team! If you fail to do this strategy, just break things in the same order. It will take a lot longer though because Loser won’t reveal his arms until red or blue mode runs out, or after a mirage stun.