Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks for New Players when getting started!

Hey Everyone! Due to the advanced nature of this game, we have begun making short video guides to explain some of the most time-saving and useful features for everyone to know ASAP! Let us know what you think!

We are also open to feedback and suggestions for Tips and Tricks that YOU think should be known by the community, LET US KNOW!

Thank you!

Tips and Tricks for New Players when getting started!

Skimmed through it, you should probably mention Weapon element and how it affects your damage, how to upgrade your weapon including how to max your element and Units, set bonuses and how to check them in a future video.

Decent overview on how to get started and explaining Perfect Attacks. Could mention the importance of reading what the skills do in the skilltree, multipliers VS flat bonus and what subclass does for your mainclass.

I think i've played this game too much since i was way too bothered by your Hu skilltree.