[Ship 2] Maybe looking for an alliance, small to medium-sized (warning: lots of text...)

Hi yall, as the title states I'm thinking about looking for an alliance to socialize and play with. I'm currently lv 57, but I'm honestly taking my time and am not worried about endgame at all right now. I do not fit well suddenly into massive groups of people, so I would prefer those who might see this and have a recruiting alliance to take that in mind, or at least have an idea of how many people are on at any given time. I do not care so much about member numbers rather than seeing people consistently about so I'm able to familiarize myself more easily which is immensely harder if there's tons of people on and about at all times, although I'm probably exaggerating a bit...To give an idea, I am most used to seeing 4-5 people on consistently on any given day and upwards of 10 if it's a busy night.

From my experience, I've run my own smallish guild (hovered around 30 members at any given time) in FFXIV for about 2 years as well as my own raid group within it that was more social and casual-focused than anything, so I would also prefer scouting alliances to have the same mindset. I am confident in my own performance, but at the end of the day I would rather chill, be lazy, and socialize rather than be the best and chase numbers as long as I have some buddies to chat with. As I feel my time on there is coming to an end, I'm looking to start over in this game as just a regular old member rather than leading my own, however I don't think I'd mind taking a lesser leadership role as long as it isn't up and leading another group of people.

For more personal details, I'm currently 25 and looking to play with those within my age group. I love to chat about anything, even the smallest of things as long as people are up and willing to continue small talk and just casually chat about. My time zone is US Central and I'm most active from Mondays to Thursdays throughout the day, although Fri-Sun are a bit sparse for me as I'm not able to get on much then, especially during prime time. I'm used to a more mature audience by now (mid 20's all the way up to 50+) rather than teens (which I don't THINK should be a problem in this game?? We've all been waiting 8 years for it...) I can be a bit quirky once I'm familiar with people and friends with them, however I am not a memey person at all. This might all sound extremely picky, but I am just trying to help make it easier on myself to find a group I'd feel comfortable with. I've dealt with some extreme anxiety in the past just in FFXIV and warming up to my own guild mates, so that shouldn't be nearly as an issue here, but I still want to tackle this at my own pace. I prefer to type rather than talk as talking is very exhausting for me for long periods, especially if I'm just listening in on conversations, so using voice on Discord will not be a focus for me until I become more accustomed to whoever I'm around.

Sorry for the wall of text! If what I said makes sense and think I'd be a good fit in your group, feel free to add and message me on Discord (popuko#9993) and we can figure out things from there. Also, I am VERY open to answering any questions you might have, so if you are curious about anything do feel free to bombard me with some as I think I've given whoever has made it to this point enough to read through already...but I would honestly like to chat with someone directly first rather than suddenly joining, thank you!

Would you be interested in joining shine at all? I am aiming to create a sort of smallish~medium sized guild to run stuff with. Have raid experience in FFXIV and mythic raiding in WoW but prefer to keep things a bit more casual. Generally I have a group of 3 members that are active daily between midday and late night, and 4 others that log on randomly. We are all mid 20s and pretty lax. I am usually on every day of the week and easy to reach through discord. Sent a friend request on discord but i cant message you due to your privacy settings.

responded to the poster above through discord and bumping for visibility; just want to explore potential options before I decide 🙂