[Ship 2] Lotus Cafe Recruiting players! New Players and Old Players Are Welcome

The Lotus Cafe Welcomes New Players And Old!

Leader: Keris/Shalvation

Officer/Manager: Umbrah

Alliance Level: 5

Alliance Members: 32 Members

Type: Casual,Semi-Casual

Active Timezone(s): All Time Zones

Alliance Requirements: Just be Active!

Alliance Description: We're a beginner & casual friendly alliance looking for active members! We're mostly just chilling and laid back, enjoying the game and afking/chilling in lobbys so expect memes and things that will make you question whether or not we're a good influence but hopefully have a good time hanging around! We're always looking for new people to hang out with! We don't have a discord server we usually talk in the alliance chat or just chilling in lobbys

-PS Block 7 where you find us

Discord Contact - (⎛Umbrah⎝#5189) If you're intrested



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