Reorder pet list?


Could someone tell me if there is any way to re-order the pets in the list? I would like to have my prefered pets at the top and not the old ones I got from the start

The only way is to revert them all back to Eggs then hatch them again in the order you want. This will cost you a bit of SG to do since you have to remove all the candies from their Sweets Boxes before turning them back into Eggs, otherwise they those candies are lost. Additionally, all caramel cubes return when they are rehatched, so it will also cost you some Excbues.

@AndrlCh Please note everyone returning a pet to an egg resets cubes crushed and level it ALSO DESTROY'S ALL SWEET'S PLACED just to pre warn people i saw a post on the reddit where some dude ruined his life with this mistake dont be that guy.

because he's stupid, the NPC literally tells you that when you return pet to egg. it's his fault for not reading