launcher not working

Haven't had any problems till today, fired up the pc clicked on launcher nothing. Anyone having this problem. might have to uninstall and go tweaker

Trust me, going with the Tweaker will make a huge difference.

Uninstall and go Tweaker.

yeah downloading now, ty

Before you do that, You need to make sure that you have ALL administrative rights to do anything to your PC. Before you download the tweaker, Set your PC to "DEVELOPER MODE", this will ensure that the tweaker has the adequate permissions to write files in the Windows Directory. If you don't - your going to end up in the same problem again down the line. After you have successfully installed the tweaker and you let it do its thing , and PSO2 Is installed, Go back and remove the "Developer Mode" from your setting to its orginal settings. Now you are good to go.

@DDDDLife awesome ty very much.

Your welcome. The same can be said IF You are going to DL From the Microsoft Store.