[Ship 2] Shine - Recruitment open again! :D (casual/semi-casual, Community Focused) EST/CST/PST

Shine is a medium-sized alliance of chill people looking for members. We have people online daily and run a variety of content. We encourage new players to join and love helping others learn the game.

Shine is a social guild and we are looking for social members who make use of both the in-game chat as well as Discord. Our primary focus of the game is the social aspect and we want to cultivate a group of friends who want to hang out and run content with each other. Most of our members log in in the late afternoon to early evening (EST) and play into the night.

Shine runs regular weekly alliance events for our members, with much larger events happening monthly.

If you would like to join, you can message Rorana#0679 on Discord. Alternatively, you can apply in game using Alliance Search function, or contact Rorana or Cristiano in game to be added.

If you reply wanting to join please leave your player ID in the reply and I will add you ASAP

Last photo before NGS launch 😄 alt text

Alliance calendar for this month 😄 (July 2021) ____bump

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Hello , I'm interested in joining

@Hoshii1304 alright just need character name and a block to meet you in

Character Hoshii, Block 085

ok since i cant scout you using visiphone ill be around all day from now in block-85 right near the class counter in the gate ill literally be standing right here til you see you b52929aa-7299-4fe8-bb70-f187dee88178-image.png

Updating with some guild group shots now that we have more members

From left to right Zolara, Popu, Nightshade, Zynri, Zerstuckeln, Allie Cat, Megumin alt text

alt text

alt text

alt text

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