[Ship 2] Shine - Recruitment closeed until further notice (casual/semi-casual, Community Focused) EST/CST/PST

Aug24th~30th v2.png

Bumping with this weeks shitty paint calendar


Bump, going to be slowing down on the recruitment a bit so that we can focus on all the new players that keep joining. Last bump for a bit.

Bump, going to start recruitment again now that things have settled down a bit


Bumping again

Join Shine, we do stuff!

Bring us Wopal Pillars!


Bumping again, just did a major clean up so loads of room for people 😄

bump, running our monthly event this sunday 😄

Bumping back to front page 😄

bump bump

bumping with October's event calender 😄 October monthly.png

Bump - join Shine we do stuff!