[Ship 2] Shine - Recruitment closeed until further notice (casual/semi-casual, Community Focused) EST/CST/PST

Well got around 25 members now after a bit of clean up. Probs looking for about a max of 15 more people, preferably people who are chatty.

Lmfao, you guys are definitely a Melee alliance.

@Endu-L Id more say that a few of the people that made the alliance like playing melee lol. More of a reference than anything

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Bump, added shitty paint calendar to post

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My first screen shot contest finished up yesterday and these were the winners!

Mythos got first with this beautifully angled shot! alt text

Popu got second with this wallpaper worthy scenic screenshot! alt text

Also want to thank the winners of my Hide and Seek event yesterday, Zerstuckeln(1st), Lorient(2nd), and Ayures(3rd). No screenshots cause I don't wanna give away future hiding spots 😵

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bump, only going to be recruiting around 9 more people and then ill be stopping for now

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Just sent an application to your alliance. Just tell me which block you generally hang out in and I'll make my way there.

Character's name is Simika

got you added 😄