Game just straight stopped working.

I logged on earlier today my controller got disconnected and then the game wouldn't recognize it. Closed the game and now I cant even get it to launch like at all. Anyone else run into this since the maintenance?

Did you get the game off the MS store or did you use the tweaker?

If you got it off the MS store, that's why. So what you need to do now is uninstall the game and go through the utter hassle of getting your 60gigs of space the game took back, because simply uninstalling the game does NOT give you your HD space back.

Refer to This post for help on that.

Once the game is uninstalled and you have your HD space back download the PSO2 tweaker (Found Here ) this client is able to install the game for you without needing to go through the Microsoft store. I would, just for good measure, make sure your antivirus and firewall don't interfere with it or the game itself.

Once done, just run the game, you shouldn't have problems anymore after that. Hopefully.

Seriously, restart your PC if you haven't. It's worth noting that in Windows 10 -- Restart and Shut Down are 2 totally different beasts. Restart is what you want to do whereas if all you do is "shut down" your pc never completes a restart.

Check your task manager CPU in the performance tab and it'll show the system uptime, I've seen people with 50-100+ days of uptime when I ask if they've restarted recently.

I have tried both restart shut down uninstall repair and all that. Its like the game is just stuck in my computer. Trying once more to repair it and uninstall it. Man this is hot garbage. Hopefully I can get this off and go through tweaker and avoid this mess.

Zizel thanks for posting that link. That is probably my only option at this point.