Give me back my Symbol Art

Seriously guys? You kill one of the more entertaining social aspects of the game? A game which has characters running in insanely inappropriate outfits and you take my memes because it has the word fuck in it? This game quite literally invited this shit, it's a game with insanely giggly breasts, revealing bikini outfits, and modeled half naked tiny characters as NPCs and having symbol art with a swear word is going too far? You guys need to sort out your priorities.

Don't look at me, I only reported the ones that had loli hentai or giant exposed boobs.

@Zastier It's not because you see cute cosplayers at the anime convention it means you can ask if they want bed to you. So yeah being punished for such word sounds justifiable to me.

Glad to see some of the system works. Maybe this will be enough to appease @Eguzky at last.

Symbol arts aren't a priority, no one plays the game for those.

@Wusscake said in Give me back my Symbol Art:

exposed boobs

I usually edit those I like and add censorship bars or bikini top. XD

@Ranmaru People spamming symbol arts is a very fun aspect of the game to enjoy, especially during concerts and such. Sometimes you just want a break from the grind.

@Ranmaru said in Give me back my Symbol Art:

no one plays the game for those.

I mean... I'd like to agree, but after spending a whole afternoon faithfully recreating some of my old PSO symbol chats (a task that would have been way easier if some of the pieces had black borders) I'm not really in a position to!

You chose to play the inferior censored version instead of JP. You only have yourself to blame.

Im kind of tired of the nude symbol arts spamming everywhere, so if they took one of those i wont complain, good for sega. Even if you can dress your character like you want it ll never be nude anyways, and in jp you ll be instantly banned for something like that, played the game a few years and never seen the symbol arts i started to see here.

@Ranmaru You're lying to your self if you really think so. Half the fun of being in the lobbies is sharing symbol art and emotes with other people. And if they're gonna be systematically banning it for not adhering to some arbitrary and inconsistent standard half of the reason I enjoy the game, which is interacting with people in lobbies, lessens greatly.

@Pulptenks I don't see how that related to the problem at all. Why be a fucking prude in one of the most lewd and sexualised MMOs to have been made in the past decade maybe outside of Scarlet Blade. You literally have a naked bath suds outfit and a body suit for the females that unzips from crotch down. You have untouched Symbol Art of actual nakes children, rape jokes, bestiality, and they remove a SFW art because it has a bad word in it? Come on, be real, this game has no business cencoring anything but straight up porn.

I kind of agree and disagree at the same time. While freedom to post whatever in those posts should be a thing, some people use them to post pretty disgusting stuff. Exposed female chests are the least inappropriate of what I've seen already. Some people just can't get their private life to themselves....

So yeah, the censoring draws a line somewhere, and it's blanket might mean some side casualties. At least as a silver lining, know that part of the system is working, and hope it's still working when it's time to help you.

It's an artificial form of fun. When it comes to my priorities, that will not be my top priority, since you brought up priorities. If symbol arts were removed, I'd still play. This may be because I have played PSO in the past, and I play for PSO, not symbol arts. It's fine to want to use them in breaks. I just prefer them less. Also yes, I enjoy symbol arts based on sexual content. Yet, we also should respect others. I don't feel the need to use such symbol arts in public. Also, what is wrong with a person being prude? Some people just don't like sex. Can't force others to like what you like.

@havox4 said in Give me back my Symbol Art:

You chose to play the inferior censored version instead of JP. You only have yourself to blame.

Truth though.

@Zastier I don't see why they shouldn't remove your symbol art if it clearly braking the TOS. People like you that keep spamming all this inappropriate symbol art are annoying. No spamming racist, porn, violent, insulting images isn't fun or funny for people and just because you think it fun to spam such images people around you seeing you spam them don't.

This is part of the end user agreement and you agreed with it, have fun and please stop trying to force us to see those symbol arts.

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