Regarding the UQ Schedule -

Hello there! Just out of curiosity, Is there a more accurate schedule that pertains to UQ's? I did manage to DL the PSO UQ App, But .. So far, Whenever I get a notification of an UQ that is about to start and when I log-in to the game, I find that the UQ had already ended? There has to be one that is more accurate, unless there is a setting of some sort that I am missing?

Star Fleet discord is partnered with Discord, still not official. But they did develop a SSR Feed, you can put that channel on follow and ass to your own server. (Can make a private one if you wish.) and just set your discord notification on for that specific channel / server.

Then you can just leave the Star Fleet server if you wish... That's up to you to be honest. But that proven to be a good solution to me for now.

Thank you !