Soloing AQ's

Can you solo AQ in NA and still get ok xp out of it for leveling? im a level 64 Braver and I kinda want to do them solo when none of my Alliance members can join. so is it doable?

You get a multiplicative EXP boost for having party members with you in a Quest. [(Normal EXP Rate + Boosters) x Party Boost]

If you have 3 other real players in your party, you get a 40% EXP boost, but with 3 NPCs instead you get 20%. Additionally, even with a full party of NPCs, any PSE Bursts will only spawn enemies as if you are a single player (ie. only one enemy repeatedly spawning).

Basically, as long as you have a full party of NPCs you can still get decent EXP, but it won't be as good as having a full party of real players.

Can you still make PSE crossburst with the NPCs?


Yes but only 1-2 enemies spawn at a time and it's sad.

Oh well it's better then nothign. At least I can do quick runs when I'm alone. Thanks!