[Ship 2] [NA] [PC] Join Silver's Cry! (with Discord, super friendly and casual!)

Greetings fellow ARKS members~

Welcome to Silver's Cry's discussion! We're looking for chill and casual ARKS, no hardcore gaming here! Just fun and relaxing PSO2 experience!

  • Alliance Name: Silver's Cry
  • Ship: 2
  • Alliance Level: 5
  • Timezone: Any
  • Activtiy: Almost everyday, but not to the point of burning out. 0_0

How to join:

  • Join the Discord | Link: https://discord.gg/yhpS6jr
  • DM or ping me (Moon) or any of the mods asking that you want to join
  • (Optional) Message me in the forurms may not respond

Discord: Inazuma Discord

Inazuma Banner.jpg

This is our Discord server! We use it for everything game or guild related.

DISBOARD decription:

"We strive to give you a free and open community to chat about your favorite anime, games, great ideas, and more!"

Things in the server:

  • Always active members and staff!
  • Very welcoming and friendly community!
  • Safe environment for all.
  • PSO2 Alliance/Team and general gaming community.
  • Ever-changing server and bot setup.
  • Alerts and updates on PSO2, NTBSS, FO76, Steam community, etc.
  • Mainly PC players.
  • Anime watching, and movie nights!
  • Card trading, music bots [Spotify], profiles and more!
  • Them all-nighters.


"Silver's Cry" is our PSO2 alliance/team. We are on Ship 2 on the NA version of the game. As of now, the NA version has just came out so we are beginner focused alliance.

"Inazuma" is our general gaming guild. All of us have become great friends over time. We are very accepting and we're always glad to have new members!

Server invite link: https://discord.gg/yhpS6jr

Use this link to invite your friends here! We're always looking for fun-loving people around here.

DISBOARD link: https://disboard.org/server/631558776691884112

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Hi! @Moonwuzy hoping someone joins your alliance. Keep it up! 💞

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