New content?

I see we have Nemesis weapons(how do we get those without paying out of the ass for them?) And some kind of new Advanced Quests(I still don't get the difference honestly),is there anything else?

Ultimate drops the best gear currently, Nemesis / Gix / Slave as area drops and Ray Series from Anga.

Advance Quests are mostly used for levelling and a bit of money making.

If you are ever curious where to get something, outside of using external sources, most quests have a Quest Log attached to them which can be viewed at the quest counter, which allows you to check what drops in that quest, or at least what players haven gotten in the past week.

As far as "content" goes. What you see is what you get, everything else will be released over time.

Ah,I thought these new types of Advanced Quests were new content. I have regular ones and another sub menu with another type of Advanced Quests.

You probably mean the Arks Rally Boost which got added yesterday it's just the same AQ's but for doing the ones in the list you end up getting more RDR and EXP. The quests remain the same

Oh,so its basically just get more exp campain?

That's what it is, sometimes this Boost is added to different quests, to allow players to get more out of them.

It's not a permanent feature but it will probably return on another quest to a later date.

Welp,might as well take advantage of it while its in Advanced Quests.. Considering how slow the level 60 to 75 road is.