Blade of Genesis possible bug?

Putting the question mark because I'm not certain if this is a bug or a the way the weapon is intentionally supposed to work. The weapon camo is completely invisible sheathed aside from a small white circular piece that sits on your back, the sword is completely invisible and only time the actual sword is visible is during photon this intentional?

Yes, this is intentional.

OP I'm pretty sure its bugged. In the JP when using normal attacks you can see the "blade" part of the weapon. Currently you see maybe 5 frames of the blade with some small partial effects

So, I have one person saying it's not and one person saying it is. What do we think?

The sheathed form just being the circular unit is not a bug as that is how it is in both the story and on the JPN server. I have not gotten the camo on the NA server, so I cannot say for sure whether or not the issue with the visuals during a normal attack that @LoveLessAngels mentioned are accurate, especially considering that normal Katana attacks already are extremely quick.

Hrm. Ok. if anyone determines it is a bug, then I'll report it.

@GM-Deynger I think it is a bug because this video shows the weapon clearly and it does not disappear.

@Deathevnz Be aware that the player in that video does have the Schraedel Ornamental Blades accessory equipped, so what you see at their waist is not the Blade of Genesis.

EDIT: For reference, this is what it is supposed to look like.

This is what it looks like sheathed (due to its size, it is very easy to position it inside your player model so it is completely hidden):

alt text alt text alt text

This is what it looks like when in it is in your hand:

alt text

And this is what the blade itself looks like (without the particle effects):

alt text

@AndrlCh said in Blade of Genesis possible bug?:

he player in that vide

I see. I am still new to the game and I thought that the weapon would present itself like it did in the video. I guess now I need that cosmetic. Thank you for clarifying!

@Deathevnz Unfortunately, the Schraedel Ornamental Blades accessory was released in the Fresh Finds Shop, so you are currently unable to obtain it because it was only available for a short amount of time and Fresh Finds items cannot be traded or sold in the Personal Shops.

Thank you for that thorough explanation @AndrlCh ! I appreciate the assist. 🙂

this is weird, i saw a player using the blade of genesis as a weapon camo[ the whole blade] is in her waist, not unsheathe and not a unit circle thing that's why i bought it myself and when i used it, all i got is this blue button thing

@VoguishNest1598 Honestly, all I can guess is that the other character was either using an sword-like accessory, like the case of the Schraedel Ornamental Blades noted above, or that it was some kind of visual glitch where it wasn't properly showing the sheathed form of the camo on her character.