Summoner Unit Affixes

What do summoners have for optimal unit Affixes assuming they have full Rey gear? Just anything with HP and tech?

Depends if you want to play defensively or not, if your worried about dying then get hp, but me personally i went full damage since its very very unlikely ill die. For a cheap affix set get noble casting elder soul casting 4(i used several casting 3 and a +40% chance when i affixed), gives you 95 tech and 6 pp. saiki set is BiS currently as well for when phantom drops. i would just add stamina 3 or 4 to the affix i said previously for a 4 slot if you care less about cost.

If im being honest i dont think health is that important, if you can get it without sacrificing tech and pp then get it but other its not really necessary. Mostly because of Dear master (dia master) makes it near impossible for you to die as long as you dodge the big hits.

I personally didn't bother with survivability affixes on my circuray set - I find I almost never die due to Dear Master unless I turn on alter ego at a VERY bad time while using someone squishy lile Synchro.

I did 5 affixes on each of my pieces. I should also note that I'm a melee Summoner with Melee switch.

Quartz Soul - 30 melee, 3 PP ARKS Fever - 5 all stats, including 5 PP Spirit III - 4 PP Noble Might - 25 melee, 3 PP Might III - 30 melee

Which results in each piece giving an extra 15 PP. (which i use in conjunction with Nemesis Barl and Synchro for dps)

Soul - Beari or Quartz Soul Capsule - Noble Might (Add Augment Melee & PP)

The rest is up to you. ARKS Fever, Might III/IV, ARKS Max, Flict Arma. I would not go past 4 slot.

HP has very low value as a summoner generally except in very specific cases where things hit dumb hard and you REALLY don't want your pet taking damage from Dia Master (which I've only experienced ONCE EVER on JP, and its ultra endgame self imposed challenge type stuff).

My unit affixes are actually all different. Rear: Quartz Soul, Arks Fever, Might 3, Noble Might. Arm: Beari Soul, Arks Fever, Might 3, Noble Might. Leg: Beari Soul, Flict Arma, Noble Might. Half of it was because I had some of the mats already and was lazy and I know we get new units soon.

Affixing will be a lot easier come EP4, but I would not hold off on affixing for now. The painful part is Summoner's BiS units are from TITLES, at least on JP, and they were introduced in EP4 -- the 12* version of Whitill, which should be at 400, 450, and 500 titles if they follow the pattern of title counts from JP being halved. They're basically BiS only for summoner and no one else due to low defensives and 0 hp, and also aren't able to be gotten any other way. But they give a whopping 20 pp per unit baseline with no affixes.

Also worth noting I'm assuming you're using pet switch strike with SuFi build.

Heres mine 95 tech power and 14 pp 35 Dexall 3 units the same ots average but this was my first time affixing could have squeezed another 5 tech powe on each and 1 pp but not worth that fail rate 90% is 30% in pso2