Can't Get passed main menu start screen (Grey Box)

When I launch my game all I get is this grey box not a login screen just a permanent grey box with nothing loading. I Restarted my computer and did a fresh reinstall of the game through pso2 tweaker and still the problem continues.

That's the Xbox Companion app trying to load up your account. Note the NO USER in the bottom left corner. When I had that issue I solved it by closing the grey box and hitting enter again, but it was showing my user name properly.

You might need to hit Tab and try "changing" accounts(just select whatever your account is). If nothing loads up, close PSO2 and try opening the companion app itself. Mine has broken before and that's usually what causes this. I don't have any experience with the tweaker but I've heard it sometimes has issues with this. Maybe someone else who knows about that can reply.

I tried all of this already thanks for trying to help though.