Can't reinstall. Can't delete, can't play.

I'm using PSO2 Tweaker but when I start it there it leads me to the MS Store for PSO2.
I tried using the file that the Tweaker suggested but the powershell window exits immediately after launching.
I'm currently reinstalling the game on a different drive after trying to uninstall PSO2 by....
A) Going to the apps section and uninstalling it. (Doesn't work)
B) Using elevated CMD to force delete the folder. (Doesn't work, Access Denied)
C) Changing the permissions on the folder to delete it. (Doesn't work. It gives me an unknown error when deleting and then says it needs permission from my user, which I for some reason can't give)

Has anyone else had this kind of issue?
Hopefully the reinstall works but jeez this is ridiculous.

I did have these issues, i ended up doing the installation through tweaker, not MS store, and force registering the Tweaker installation to MS store. Uninstalling and removing the files is a nightmare from store installation. You need to "take ownership" of your files and start deleting alot manually. This also requires some PC restarts for some files to disappear. Take note that theres some backup files of the MS store dumpsterfire in MutableBackups folder. Make sure you remove only the ones you intend and do not accidentally delete important system files incase there are some in there.

After i was past the nightmare of uninstalling and removing dead data i used the guide here to install and configure the game. Works fine so far, didn't even have any issues after maintenance