Client Order Acceptance

I noticed that sometimes when I go into a mission, namely an expedition, sometimes the list of COs pertaining to that area will show up, allowing me to accept the ones that might be applicable to that area. However, I can't seem to find a rhyme or reason for it, and most of the times it doesn't show up. Is there something specific I have to do/not do in order to make it show up more frequently? It helps me when I'm trying to do specific COs or gain EXP for a class.

It shows up when you accept a mission from the ARKS lobby mission counters, it will not show up when you accept it from the campship.

@Gerbilios So I accept most of my missions from the lobby counter. Doesn't seem to matter. 😞

hmm, that is odd it always shows up for me if i have COs that affect that area. Have you talked to the NPCs around the ARKS ship to open their COs? Or turned in prerequisites to some?

I thought it only showed up for the daily Recommended Quests. Never had them show up otherwise. @PeterThomas6 Before you enter the gateway ship go to the client orders menu and select the last option - it will show you many of the orders available in the current quest location. Not all - but most

@Gerbilios I am level 63, so I have quite a few unlocked at this point, so there shouldn't be any reason it isn't showing up.

@ScrawnyKitty I've tried both recommended and going in and picking the exploration quests manually. Neither seem to do the trick. If it doesn't work going forward though, I'll use what you recommended here; I didn't know that option existed. Thank you!

@PeterThomas6 Do be aware though that certain quests, e.g. Lottie, Rubert, Girard, Amelin (to name a few) won't be in that list so you'll still have to visit them if you want their quests

@ScrawnyKitty No worries; this will still get a good chunk of them done; I can grab the rest during other runs, I'm sure. Thank you again!