When is crafting and customizing PAs/Techs coming out?

Merely wondering when this system gets unlocked on NA servers. I miss my custom type.0 and power/castspeed buffed abilities and stuff so would like to know the timeframe when this gets unlocked for us over here.

It should be released before Ep4 content comes out... yet, we already have Summoner class.

Hopefully they release some kind of roadmap even if it just has to bunch of to be decided dates, it'd just be nice to know what coming next.

I agree, a lot of content isn't even out when it should of been a long time ago, crafting was already out quite long before ultimate came out, and it's one of the things I want the most besides the 3 scion classes. We got staggered bits of all different spots content wise so who knows what's going out next @_@

If they are planning to release Crafting all at once rather than in pieces, we may not see it until they add 15☆ weapons to the game, just because the only available Weapon Crafting would be NT Crafting, which can make weapons as strong as high-tier 14☆s/low-tier 15☆s.

Here's hoping they decide to split it up and release it in parts, otherwise it will be a long wait.

Welp. An announcement just got posted saying Crafting is coming with EP4 content in August, among other things like Battle Arena, etc.. Time to save your Lv11+ tech discs!

@SonoVulpin https://pso2.com/news/announcements/roadmap We have an actual roadmap of sorts... strange that it doesn't show challenge mode anywhere, but yet we're getting battle arena.

Probably August, maybe July if we're lucky and they realize they should put some new content in for July.

@Grave-Knight We still have at least 2 more Urgent Quest raids before Episode 4 can come out:

Mining Base 4 (Apprentise)

Gemini + Profound Darkness

Not only that, but we're also missing Mining Base 2, since it seemed to skip that, and go straight to Mining Base 3.