[Ship 1] Crystal Nebula is looking for active players! 18+


Crystal Nebula is a new alliance composed of players new to PSO2 that all started at PC launch, and we're looking for active players to join our ARKS family! We're a chill group of people that like to shoot the breeze on discord as we get stuff done in game. If you're new to the game and learning from the ground up, come join and learn with us! If you're a super vet, feel free to shed your knowledge unto us.

Basic rundown:

Alliance Name: Crystal Nebula

Ship: ONE

Language: English

Main hours of activity: 5pm-8am CST.

Discord: When we're online, we're on discord. 95% of our communication happens there. You'll be missing out on all the fun by not joining in!

Our only "requirement" is that you be 18+ and have an open mind. We have a good time, and not having any youngin's to worry about lets us avoid having to filter ourselves to protect their innocence. 😝

I'd love to tryout for a spot in your alliance, if you're willing to have me! I played PSO2 during the Japanese launch many years ago, but now I'm starting fresh (and clueless) on the Global/NA server!

Sent you a msg! ✌

Interested in joining if you have space. I'm on a lot right now and plan on playing pretty actively.

Hi! I am very interested!

@UnweptEagle6251 Sent you a msg 👍

We're still looking for more to join in on the fun!

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Still looking for new peeps to join the Crystal family!

Can i msg you on discord?? InoriAikawa#5931

Added you on discord 😄

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I'm here! NFGHazz#3369

chants join us. have fun. be happy~

Hi, dis is me - Discord: Seb Vicious#1348