Armor set Diavo-- need help making it work

I just bought an 11star set called diavo, it's 2 pieces, and when equipped, it adds 100 to all dmg types.

So...equipping the 2 is all I should need to do, to see it reflect onto my stats, but it doesn't proc? 3634256a-b52d-41c6-91a1-0b8e0f000d65-image.png

What's weird is the back piece says it will only work in slot 3 to have the set bonus apply....but wouldn't the back be slot 1? I've no clue what to do.... please help.

On the JPN version, the full set included an 11* Partizan that is not available in the NA version. To top it off, the bonus only activates with the two Units and Weapon equipped (ie. no bonus from just the Units), effectively meaning that the Set Bonus is completely unavailable on NA.

@AndrlCh wow-- that's a huge bummer...

IYO, what's an 11star set that offers good bonuses for survival or DPS that I can actually take advantage of at this time?

@PhantasyManAGO If you can afford it, Brissa is always a solid option thanks to its natural stats and set bonus (+200HP, +20PP, +70 All-Pwr, +12% MEL-Resist, +16% RNG-Resist, +9% All Element Resist, and +50 DEX). Other than that and Saiki Set (+150HP, +25PP, +60 All-Pwr, +12% MEL-/RNG-Resist, +24% Ice Resist, and +80DEX), which is usually prohibitively expensive, the Noirga Set is a solid choice with +280HP, +12PP, +70 All-Pwr, and +15% MEL-/TEC-Resist, though I am not sure what the cost of that one is.

@AndrlCh Cool-- Thank you.

Of other sets, since i'm new to armor sets in PSO... do they all require weapons to finalize the set?

And, of the ones you were pointing out to me, do they require a weapon for the set?

@PhantasyManAGO No, most sets just require the Units; all of the ones I posted do not require a Weapon.

Here is a list of the Set Effects available on the NA server: