Dumb boss nicknames

Some of the bosses have hard to remember names so I started giving some of them nicknames (plus there's a few others I like to give nicknames) like:

Gwanada: G Wanda

Dark Agrahni: Dark Angry

Dekor Maryuda: Decor Malinda

Nove Marydahl: Nove Malinda

Bryu Ringahda: Blue Ring

Nove Ringahdarl: Red Ring/Not Rico/Nove Ring

Apos Dorios: Apostle Doritos

Apostol Torissha: Apostle Doritos Spicy Nacho/Apostle Tortilla

Kodotta Idihta: Coata Idea.

Baretta Idihta: Barely [an] Idea

Falz Daril: Falz Darrel

Falz Dranble: Falz Duorumble (the English patch name was something close to this)

Banser Donna: Pantherina

Banser Ong: [can't think of a good one]

Dal Malri: [can't think of a good one]

Banser Elna: Panther Elsa

Banser Oran: The not actually orange panther

Catredran: [My] Cat Ran

Catre Drahl: Crater Draal

Catredransa: [I can't think of a good one x.x]

Quartz Dragon: Not Rera

Goron Zran: [Just shortened to Goron or Goron Zan]

Zran Grahl: naZ noroG/noroG

Noire Drahl: Ow the Edgedragon

Chrome Dragon: Not Hadred

Haze Drahl: Shadow the HedgeDragon

Tranmizer: Metal Gear Rex Zero

Tranzexia: Diet Metal Gear Rex

Big Varder: Big Vader

King Varder: Emperor Vader

Vardersoma: Vader's Persona

Embryo Varder: Egg Vader

Orgbran: [i've got nothing for this one too]

Orgceratos: Orgceratops

Bar Lodos: Die[t] Rol Le

Bar Dominus: Bartholomew

Biol Meduna: Be All Melinda

Magisa Meduna: Magus Melinda

Nept Casadohra: Neptune Casanova

Casado Badoohl: Casanova Badool

Leomaduraad: Tiger Mallard (and yes I am aware mallards are ducks)

Malduzareed: Mallard Zeed

Anjadeurili: Wanyudo Zero

Yogjadeurili: Diet Wanyudo

Gigur Gunnegam: Gigur Gun (or just Gigur, these aren't all winners)

Gunne Ginnegam: [Enter the] Gungin

Gwahl Jigmolde: Gwa Jigoba (I swear I've heard Sitch from Lilo and Sitch say "jigoba" which inspired this but it doesn't appear to be part of his language?)

Agata Jigmolinde: Agito Jig

Magatsu: The Attack on Titan raid.

Tagamikazuchi: Thunder spirit

Izanekazuchi: Gold thunder spirit

Viel Hyunal: Veal Hunar

Dio Hyunal: Itwasmedio

Anga Phandaj: Anga Funrage (based on the fan translation)

The real final boss is the enhancement NPC.

Almost forgot:

Wolguarda: Wolverine Guard

Alonaguarda: Wolverine Guard (Alola Form)

Zeshraider: Zesty/Darker Gamera (wonder what they'll call the unholy fusion of Rail Racer from Robots In Disguise 2001 and Ghidorah)

Rigshraider: Rigged Raider

@coldreactive said in Dumb boss nicknames:

The real final boss is the enhancement NPC.

Dark Falz [Dudu]/Dudu the Troll


  • Dudu = Which block has monica?

  • Zeshrayda = Teenage mutant turtle

  • Rigshrayda = Teenage mutant mutant turtle

  • Wolguarda = sumo chest

  • Apos Dorios = EXP Dorito

  • Apostol Torissha = Pope Dorito

  • Apprentice(replica) = meseta gacha

  • Apos Dorios: Apples Doritos
  • Malluda: Bird Pokey
  • Tagami Kazuchi: Sparkpuppy
  • Izane Kazuchi: Golden Sparkpuppy
  • Org Blan: Swampert
  • Goran Zoran: Fatty

Crimson Dragon = Kenshiro.... Becuase any latency means YOU ARE ALREADY DEAD

@ZeeHero9271 said in Dumb boss nicknames:

Crimson Dragon = Kenshiro.... Becuase any latency means YOU ARE ALREADY DEAD

Isn't that basically every evenly-leveled SH raid boss?

@Mattwo7 More so with dragon due to super minimal telegraphing on many attacks, and the sheer speed at which they happen in wide aoes.

Old thread but still a goodie!

Crimson Fellwyrm is Greg(Grigiri from Dragon’s Dogma, his name is also just Greg)

Fang Banshee is Zinogre(from MH)

Snow Banser is Snownogre

Drago Deadleon is Friend/Buddy

Big Varder is Big Chump/Big Chungus

Dragon X is Barroth(from WH)

Bar Lodos is Leviathan(from ffxiv) also sometimes Bitch Fish when he interrupts my shot.

Bryu Ringahda is Donut Ring/Burny Ring

Train Gidran is Thomas or No Train-Chan!

Vol Dragon is King Boo(from sa2, his voice clips are the same)