Game Uninstalled it's self

tried opening the launcher, wouldn't open, opened up the microsoft store, it said repairs were needed, clicked repair, nothing happened, restarted my laptop, game was just completely gone, having to reinstall it as I'm typing this. don't know why I'm bothering, it happened once, it'll probably happen again, 93 and half gigs.......and a little over three hours of my life that I'm not gonna get back....HOPEFULLY my data is still there.

I had the same thing happen to me today, and I had no prior issues until this happened. Not sure what the cause is, and I can't seem to locate the files on my computer. I am hoping I don't have massive duplicate folders for the game taking up valuable space!

Yeah, same thing happened, but unfortunately even after redownloading, the launcher doesn't launc anymore.

I just did a 5th clean install, and hoping this one works. If not, I'm done. It's bad enough that I have to go through admin-powershell to keep deleting the 90GB MutableBackups each time I try.

Well, Now there's a steam version, UNFORTUNATELY, if I want to pick up exactly where I left off, I have to reinstall the windows10 version, to get a stupid code, that I should just be able to get emailed to me from this site. I think I'll just start a fresh character instead, game isn't exactly hard to grind.