Bow Braver 150k dps rotation + video 3million damage in 20 seconds

Rotation is banish>master x3> normal attack then repeat

While Br Bow has not actual rotation and it's entirely dependent on the monster, your PP and also what banishing set up you want, not to mention subclass skills (if using SU for summoner mark) makes the difference. Also what drink buff you had (PP + PA dmg or Weak spot)

I can't guarantee you'll get that amount consistently unless it's a stationary target.

Though good solid numbers. 👍 👌


@SeriPSO2 Haha yes this is true! You're rotation depends mostly on the monster and the amount of pp you're carrying! I actually rarely use master shot just cause the charge is so slow and id rather use piercing arrow just cause it charges faster and other bosses can be hit by it multiple times by piercing if they have enough hitboxes. what I also like about piercing shot is that it charges 2x faster than master enabling u to move around the boss faster to dodge their attacks for better survivability especially in ultimate quest however here im just showcasing damage. I usually run hunter subclass but I used ranger here to stack weakpoint damage with precision stance. As much as I want to say there is no solid rotation I wanted to show a pretty basic rotation because I see to many bravers spamming million storm. This specific rotaion will work very good against monsters whose weakpoint is very exposed but isolated like this rock bear of Big Varder

@SeriPSO2 I haven't lved up my summoner as subclass for braver but I heard summoner mark adds really good dps You can probably do a completely diff rotation because of the extra pp a summoner sub gives you but honestly I stay hunter sub because I love auto mate and iron will along with hunter physic which will keep ur dps uninterrupted due to 0 knockbacks.

If anyone is curious about what my augments are for bow braver I like to run fang over apprentice. Its a lot cheaper and I think the 2 pp u get from fang is way more worth than +10 range u get from apprentice Flict tyro noble precision precision 4 Saiki Set for that 25 pp 🙂

@BattedBoot54653 BrSu has higher multipliers due to mark, but you will need to reapply every so often otherwise BrHu has a better edge and the extra +15 PP makes helps to get more hits in. But generally, Hu is still better if you don't like having to apply mark and need a bit of tankiness.

Also, a budget affix build revolves around using Arks Fever since it's an accessible PP source also much cheaper/easier to affix with:

  • 3s units: Shoot IV/Fang or Siogr Soul/Noble Shoot (95 ratk/10 HP/5 PP with Fang) (100 ratk/20 HP/ 4 PP with Siogr)
  • 4s units: Shoot IV/Fang or Siogr Soul/Noble Shoot/Arks Fever (100 ratk/10 HP/10 PP with Fang) (105 ratk/20 HP/ 9 PP with Siogr)

Trying to get Flict Tiro into a unit build can be quite expensive, unless you decide to farm it. Another thing is that Saiki tends to be a recommended set but considering how expensive it is, people can stick with Brissa, double Glanz + PP leg or Diabo, or

On the other hand, it's entirely possible to make a budget build with Flict Tiro due to SSA when affixing your weapon.