the worst controller compatibility

i checked all my controller game and this game is the worst in compatibility, cant read the controllers, need fix the error game for read the controllers, in jap server only compatible for all controllers or what? if you launch the game fix the controller compatibility plis, wait 10 years only for cant play this game without my controller game

Which controllers are you trying to use?

I mean,I do not want to be an ass,but that isn't true. I have had no issues with any controllers so far. I used an Xbox One(Cyberpunk limited edition),Nintendo Switch Pro Controller,Dualshock 4 and even an 8BitDo SF30 Pro. All of them worked perfectly so far.

@Morgothryuzaki i use a red dragon controller and it works perfectly fine too.

@Risantir Yoooo those look fucking awesome

@IronCox-blade Maybe your are having problems with a generic one? i even used ps4 controllers to play the game

I have to use a Ps4 controller with a program that let's me emulate a xbox 360 controller. The game won't detect just my Ps4 controller on its own.

i used oficial horipad for nintendo, I tried and the only game that not work is in NA server.

Xbox one s controller here via Bluetooth and wired no issues.

I was able to connect my Xbox Elite 2 via wireless adapter with no trouble. Same for just my standard xbox controller and DS4.

I did have issues with my Razer Wolverine controller. So far have had no success with getting it to work with PSO2. Works fine on other PC games.