Can the GMs make an official Q and A happen with SoJ?

My suggestion. An official Q and A with Sega of Japan via our only link to them, the GMs here.

As it stands, we've really only heard from / been acknowledged by SoJ one time when they posted on their Twitter the day it released on Xbox. If you couple that with on the daily, users of this forum consistently spewing forth questions with no official response 99.99% of the time, the feeling of disregard for our version is incredibly real. I don't think anyone would argue that statement, and its quite saddening because it'd be great for a PS game to finally be considered a success here. I just don't think thats feasible without an open dialog. We need more than just the basic "this is what you NEED to know and not a fraction more!" treatment because at the moment that is all we get.

I think this would be a good starting point to opening up interaction between the devs and the players of NA and sort of fun at the same time. This wouldn't be a live Q and A, rather, a forum created list of questions from the players that the GMs would select X amount of to send to them to answer and the GMs to post the answers. An example would be FF14s live letters, where they answer questions from the forums spanning a variety of topics. As it would be up to the GMs to decide which questions get passed on (as long as they came from the dedicated thread for them), the entire process would remain professional from that point in the process onwards.

Honestly, I just want the communication to be better, and I know that a hundred people all shouting "TELL US THINGS" is unlikely to get favorable results. This might be the controlled approach we need. It'd be great if this could be a success and it turned into a re-occuring thing to look forward to.

Just a suggestion. ✌