Magatsuhi Back unit Error

I've noticed countless units in the game that are broken or are missing parts to the set. Luther, Ringa, Diavoh and a few other sets DONT give full set bonus/missing parts to the set. Also, the Magatsuhi Back unit which just released should give a weapon/back unit set bonus, but it does not, doesnt even say it has a set bonus, but on the JP it along with other have set bonuses. Can you guys elaborate on why a large amount of sets are broken for NA PSO2.

The short of it is that the NA version removed all Old Type (OT) Weapons, and these were the ones that were part of the Set Bonuses.

Even if you come across a weapon that has the exact same name as one that should go with the set (like Elder Rifle), it technically counts as a completely different weapon since it is actually a New Type (NT) Weapon version of it (on the JPN server NT weapons that had an OT version would have an "-NT" suffix added to their name, so if the NA version of the Elder Rifle existed on the JPN server, it would be called "Elder Rifle-NT").

@AndrlCh That makes a lot of stuff useless and not even worth doing. Thanks for the information.