Uninstalling files

So the update broke the game for me and I cant even launch the launcher anymore. Attempting to uninstall the App only gave me the 11GB back.... where is the rest of the game?

I'm in the same boat. Won't even boot up anymore. Heading for the PSO tweaker now. smh........I should of done it from the start.

Check ModifiableWindowsApps folder.

Nothing shown in ModifiableWindowsApps - but apparently after checking reddit, it's hidden under MutableBackup which windows denied me access to. In there, there were 2 folders, both about 55GB-60GB

Attempting to delete them but saying I need permission from SYSTEM

Just updating, was finally able to get my space back by using 7-zip and running it as administrator to delete the MutableBackup folders, got 100GB+ back. Taking a break from the game due to rl stuff, may check back once steam or other pc platforms releases.