You gotta be kidding me..

This game has been around for 8 years yet there was never a true respec we could buy with AC? only on balance changes?

Why don't they want our money? it barely requires half a brain cell of business sense to realize that not only is selling these in AC store required for games with custom builds, but a big money maker if priced reasonably but not too low?

Basically, they want you to spend money on buying additional Skill Trees (up to 20 per character), and from there you can use SG to clear them through the Swap Skill Trees option.

I would spend as much AC for a respec token as I would for extra skill trees, or at least 90% as much.

I was wracking my brain to try and recall if I was remembering wrong, but I finally found a page that has it:

They did originally have Single Skill Tree Resets for purchase, but they priced them at double the cost of an additional Skill Tree, just like how buying a new Mag is cheaper than buying a Mag Reset.

@AndrlCh Thats unbelievably stupid lol.

Skill Tree Reset Ticket: $12.58USD that's madness.

@Zizel Keep in mind that was in 2012; at the current excahnge rate it would be a little over 9USD.