New player here class question

I would like to know the best class for beginners as well as the best sub class thanks. I will be playing with a friend who is a ranger so if possible something that goes well with that.

Hunter or Braver might be a good start. Both of those have defensive qualities that can assist with survival. If you're pretty good with it, you can also use bow on braver for range should you need it.

Hunter tends to be good for both of those, though it does start out a bit slow till you get some skills, but once you do it's very survivable, and is one of the, if not the best sub in the game (unless you wanna use techs).

Summoner is also along the same lines, easy to pick up and makes a amazing sub, but the downside is it does not play like anything else in the game really. Notably it can use tech, but still brings decent modifiers for melee and range mains, while also having some decent survivabilty. The viable "I want to play melee/range but still have access to support techs" SUB

Braver is a ton of fun right out of the gate and can make for a very good class, it can also get you used to both melee and ranged play as it has options for both, how ever its not really a great sub, otu side of a few specific builds.

BrHu perhaps might be a good start then?

@Skyfir51 That's a very solid combo, works very well for both Melee and ranged and is generally the Staple braver build. I really recommend looking up builds online, as the game does not make it obvious what is worth getting and what isn't. I mained Br/Hu for quite a while over on JP its very fun.

Thx everyone, i will start with brave & get hunter as a sub.

@Skyfir51 I would avoid bow braver, while range classes/weapons may have advantage in a lot of the contents. Bow Braver is in fact one of the highest skill ceiling weapon out there to get used to because the nuances to make the weapon effective on top of being able to gear it. To sum it up, newbies can use it but they should a expect a bigger learning curve in comparison to katana as the entire bow playstyle is based on placement, what banishing combos to use, and mechanics as we don't have skill crafting to get easy breezy Sharp Bomber 0.

Bow braver requires quite a bit of dedication to learning the game otherwise you'll struggle more than if just went katana.

While on the flipside, katana is more beginner/newbie friendly because of lower learning curve and you have to get used to is counter, also Gekka combos/PA rotations (Sakura combos aren't a thing until skill crafting).

That is true. The PA combinations needed to really stretch the damage of bow is very strict... in JP I wasn't a fan of the sharp bomber building for it but when that combo goes right... Feels Good man.

What would be a good sub class for braver then & what about summoner in endgame support/dps

Braver/Hunter is a good solid start especially if you're good with perfect guard/countering and hunter has iron will which at 10 sp spent into that skill is a 75% chance you'll survive lethal damage leaving 1 hp which is really awesome, however there are ways the monsters especially in ultimate that can hit you in ways that it bypasses that generally in mid air and those times but they are few and far between.

Melee Br/Hu is a good newbie start. Using the different PAs is mostly straightforward and easy but melee Br gameplay has some optimization that will make it stay abit more fresh in the long run. Also gives really good incentive to learn Perfect Guarding (counter edge)

Same with playing Hu, once you start getting into using all the weapons the class has available and not just sword you will realize theres more than WHACK to Hu.

So, which is it. Some are saying that combo isn't good & others are saying it is for newbies. Also is summoner good for endgame coop & solo.

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any class will do well if you are playing it in an effective way, finding what you like doing and then having the determination of not giving up on it and improving makes it for you

@UltimateMagnus8 No one in the thread has stated BrHu isn't good though nor does the community think that. 🤔 It's a general consensus that BrHu is viable up until we get Et where the meta changes (it can still be used when Etoile is here but Etoile offers the same but even better utilities for Br).

Hu in its entirety is good as a subclass due to the fact that its skills is applicable for many classes and also the fact that the -dmg% for better survival makes it quite newbie friendly.

i would recommend Hunter or Ranger to start out as they are pretty straight forward,if youre using Hunter make sure to invest in a weapon focus on the skill tree, it will make the class much quicker and overall more exciting to play.

For the subclass you can use Summoner, any class will do pretty much well with Summoner as its very easy to see what you need from it as a subclass.

If youre using Ranger, you can use Hunter or Summoner as your subclass, make sure invest into the fury tree and its perfect attacks if youre using Hunter on your subclass for that. Also in the ranger skill tree, recommend only investing in Jellen and Blight rounds if any at all, as those two tend to be useful in just about any situation when it comes to rounds, i do not recommend investing in grenades or traps, except for maybe gravity bomb since its useful in exploration emergency quests.

I do recommend staying away from Force right now, that class is probably the most complicated to deal with as a new player.

If youre gonna use braver i recommend investing on Katana or Bow, don't invest in both, youre better off focusing one one weapon on the skill tree.