so, i dowloaded this game on 2 pcs both had the same issues from launch to now. We have all went over these issues hard drive space eaten launcher not working bla bla bla. Today i log on see the issues have been supposedly fixed. Im like great!! . I log in update the windows store the pso2 launcher dont work. So i go ahead and uninstall the game. It gives me 11gb back. I had 3 copies of this game on one pc and it gives me 11gb back? I think i have pretty much had it with this game . I am a pso fan but the stress and aggravation to play this game with all its issues just is not worth my time. One of my pcs got bricked i lost a whole bunch of important documents related to work and other stuff. I understand its a great game but its not worth drestroying my harddrives to play it. So i hope all of you get to play the game when its fixed if it does not shut down in north america. I will be reformatting this hard drive and i will never play this game on either of my pcs. Worst gaming experience i have ever had in my life. Microsoft needs to shut the downloader off till all the issues are fixed on both ends. Sega needs to tell people how to get thier hard drive space back. This has been going on way to long. I wish you all good luck with the game and fixing your pcs.