Fighter Is amazing!

So far I have leveled a Ranger and a Braver to 75, and Fighter seems super crazy! If feels different from other classes because when my health gets low running for cover and poppin a mate would be my only option. Not with the fighter. I find myself loving the carnage and mayhem I unleash the lower my health gets. As a fighter the lower your health gets the more damage you deal, and by a pretty substantial amount and more Falz WILL FEEL THE UNLEASHED WRATH OF MY.... ahem sorry...side effect from playing Fighter and blinking 5 times in a hour. :p. The Scratch cards added a Ryu skins as well so i'm going to have a field day over the next month with Fashion. BTW if anyone is on ship 1 and wants to sell their hero cloak or worn cloak add my xbox: PepperPSO. There are none in the shops for some reason. Give Fighter a try, i'm currently Fi/Hu (knuckles) and i'm having a blast. Does anyone know which are BoS? I just purchased Ray Knuckles since I had the resources, but i'm not able to equip.

Indeed Fi is fun, but also risky which makes it more fun. You should also give the other weapons a whirl, at least grabbing Dual Saber for sweeping up the trash.

@Gerbilios I heard a lot of good things about Dual Sabers. I'll give it a try in the future. 🤘