Question about Hunter - Why Perfect Guard PP Gain and Healing Guard?

I've noticed a lot of Hunter builds add points to Perfect Guard PP Gain and Healing Guard, but I haven't seen any Hunter use the actual Guard command.

Is it specifically for Partisans? Or am I missing some other information?


Edit: Thanks for the information everyone, lots of stuff I didn't know about, especially guard frames in PA.

Any Photon art that requires you to charge makes use of Charge Parry (1.5 seconds from starting to charge a Photon art, you will perfect guard), which in turn, applies both of the skills listed above.

I know that most hunters I see use Sword and abuse this with Rising Edge, Nova Strike, or Guilty Break proc those effects. Im not sure about other PA's in Partisan or Wired Lances, but I use sword exclusively and is the reason I have points into them.

@Kaloresi4281 Idk exactly since I haven't played that class much. But if I had to guess it because while fighting bosses you can easily drain all your PP when your using your high damaging skills so being able to stay defensive and regain that PP is a lot easier than doing weak attacks that provide no protection from enemy attacks especially when some bosses can easily one shot you.

Hunter class rely on perfect guard to stay alive, and boost dmg. If u r hunter main u don't need to use fury stance, always on guard stance. However guard stance requires u to proc perfect guard every min and half to maintain a crazy dmg buff. Guarding PP is extremely important as this allows hunter to spam more PA. Guarding heal is a nice way to recovery your HP. And this can proc multiple times, means if u r in the middle of the mob, u proc perfect guard, for a short duration any attack to u will heal u for certain HP. and it is very nice.

End game hunter MUST know how to perform perfect guard. A failed guard in end game can and will kill you, even for a hunter.

They are both 1SP skills. PP guard is basically half of your PP management in fact. All 3 Hunter weapons should be seen guarding a lot. All 3 have JG by weapon action, and rings that allow you to perform powered up counter PA on successful use. Sword and Partizan have a lot of charged PAs that let you absorb blows during the charge and regenerate PP, while WL has guard frames on the grab part of all their PAs like Heavenly Drop or Twist Driver. Sword in addition relies a lot on counter damage available through Blaze Parry which is by itself 25PP PA. With PP Guard that become 5PP when you counter successfully, less if you apply PP reductions and can even become PP positive.