Personal Quarters Shop

Is there an item I can place that lets me sell equipment in my personal quarters? on the NA ver ofc.

Yep , you can buy it with fun or from player shops it's called 'shop counter' ~! ( You still need the shop pass or premium to use player shops tho. )

@Roselitgarden Ok, so I bought that and.. it wasn't what I meant ^^;

I mean like the little shop on the Gateway that lets me sell trash stuff I find, I spend so much time on my quarters I forget I have stuff on my inv and moving back and forth from the Shopping area just to sell that one thing I forgot is annoying :C

A vendor for the Quarters? No there's only Visiphone and Storage placers, which you already have in there anyways.

Do it like me and throw that one thing away, not the most economic solution, but nobody has to see it.

Once crafting comes out, you will at the very least be able to dismantle your 7* + equipment in there so that's something to look forward to.