CAST Fashion?

I'm torn on what race to choose. Cast vs one of the fleshies.

I'm looking for waifu material lol Casts seem to have the most customization, correct? They can equip cast parts AND most humanoid outfits?

Are there any big downsides I'm not seeing here?

Only thing about casts is that they can't wear some (thought a minimal amount) of the outfits the fleshies can wear, like the default initial outfits sold on the clothing store at the shopping plaza. The other thing is that cast multi part outfits are very robotic even on females. Yes, this is a good addition as it adds flavor to the race design, but forcing it on every multi part outfit, I feel it was a little too much. (I'd pay for some PSU cast outfits right now) So the only way to see your cast as a whole humanoid figure is to either run on basewear or get one of the few outfits that do not force this robotic shape (like Hucast/Hucaseal outfits). Otherwise, casts as a fashion race are really good.

@TehFriskyDingo Only major downside is the inability to wear single-piece Outfits that are recolorable. Other minor things are the complete lack of ears, some droopiness around the eyes for the juvenile and masked face variants, and some limited default eye options, but these are not things you can't work around.